About us

Magyar Plastiroute Forgalomtechnikai Kft. is a group entity of the Plastiroute family, which belongs to the AB Geveko (Gothenburg, Sweden) Group taking an outstanding role in traffic safety across Europe. Beyond Hungary, the Swiss-based Plastiroute parent company has participations in Germany and Romania, as well.

Since its foundation in 1990, our Company has grown into the leading enterprise in the field of traffic engineering in Hungary. The company is known for its excellent references, innovation and commitment to the improvement of traffic safety. We offer complex traffic engineering solutions based on broad-ranging professional knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies to our Partners from design and professional counseling through implementation to operation.

We shape the structure of our products and services to embrace all the areas of traffic engineering from the painting of road markings through the manufacturing and placement of traffic signs to the installation of the most modern LED traffic engineering and other safety devices, and walk novel ways in the development of traffic engineering.