Manufacturing road signs and billboards

In the framework of the manufacturing of traffic signs (KRESZ signs), we also undertake to produce and install information and advertisement signs and boards.

Road signs are among the most important components of traffic technology, and therefore we have placed great emphasis from the outset on the compliance of our road signs with the strictest quality requirements.

Road signs are designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable professional regulations, and we also provide installation services if requested.

If you intend to notify or advertise, choose our sign manufacturing service!

      information systems for public areas

      information boards 

       design, manufacturing and installation of advertisement billboards.

Road signs and billboards are made of different types of base sheet using a variety of covering films depending on the type of use.

  Base sheets

      aluminium sheet (2 mm)

      galvanised steel sheet (1.5 mm)

      galvanised steel sheet with treated back (1.5 mm)

      Dibond sheet (2mm)

      Laminated board (6.5 mm or 9 mm)

  Covering films

      CAL – non-reflective film

      EG – light-reflecting film

      HI – high-luminescence light-reflecting film

      HIP – high-luminescence, metal-free light-reflecting

        film with microprisms

      DG – light-reflecting diamond film with wide-angle prism lenses

Sign rims and frames

In order to ensure greater resistance, road signs and billboards are fitted with a rim or an aluminium frame.

Installing road signs

We also supply supporting devices and fixtures for our signs, including simple posts and a variety of bracing structures.

Thanks to our years of experience in manufacturing and installing signs and supporting structures, we can offer quality services for your needs.

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