Painting road markings

Our goal is to paint high-standard, durable and solvent-containing road markings that ensure clear visibility even in rainy weather or at night.

Thanks to our large capacity and specialist experience, we are well-equipped to paint road markings of the largest width and length specifications, and can satisfy even the most urgent customer requirements.

Apart from motorways, highways and local roads, we also offer marking painting services for:

   industrial estates, superstores, logistics centres
   indoor, outdoor and underground parking lots
   sport tracks, sport halls, etc

We offer painting and repainting of any kind of road marking, using modern machinery and high-quality road paints:

   low solvent-content (HS) road markings

   water-based road markings

   sprayed plastic (SP) road markings

   cold plastic (HP) road markings

    thermoplastic (TP) road markings

     installation of prefabricated permanent and temporary road markings

     installing tactile markings for the blind and partially sighted

In addition to lengthwise and crosswise road markings, we are also equipped to install acoustic markings, yellow speed-reduction lateral stripes and structured graded markings.

We take pride in the innumerable road markings we have installed in the past nearly two decades. You can rely on our expertise!

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