Road salt and other anti-slip agents

Our bulk road salt, bagged road salt and other anti-slip products support the prevention of traffic incidences.

Our broad-ranging product selection continuously ensures undisturbed traffic on slippery roads. We supply bulk road salt, bagged road salt, green salt and other anti-slip products of excellent quality to our Partners.

The road salt we market complies with Road Technical Specifications ÚT 2-2.401:1999 and ÚT 2- 2.401/1M:2005. This greyish-white, dry road salt from flaking grains is free from foreign materials.


Road salt quality

 • Sodium-chloride content: min. 95 %

 • Humidity: max. 1.5 %

 • Water insoluble part: max. 1.5 %

 • Sulphate content: max. 1.5 %

 • Mechanical contaminants: max.0.005%

 • Acidity, ph value: 6.8 – 7.2


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 Small quantities and sacks of road salt are available at our site.