Traffic engineering for safe transport

From professional counseling to implementation, we offer all-inclusive solutions to our Partners in the field of traffic engineering.

With the application of static and dynamic traffic engineering devices, painting clearly visible road markings,as well as the manufacturing and installation of traffic signs (KRESZ signs), we contribute to safe transport on motorways, public roads and municipal roads.

 In all the fields of traffic engineering, we serve our Partners with solutions based on broad-scaling technical expertise.

  professional counseling

  elaboration of traffic engineering plans



  selling, leasing out and installation of traffic engineering devices

 Main services associated with traffic engineering equipment

  road markings (painting and installation of prisms, tactile signs, etc.)

  design, manufacturing, installation of traffic signs

   (including fluorescent, backlit-foil and active LED designs)

  construction of steel and concrete protecting walls

  installation of prisms on road surfaces, guide rails and deflecting walls

  installation of VECU-STOP and Quad Guard collision dampers

  installation of light-protecting, workplace boundary, animal guiding nets and

     snow fences

  installation of exit guides, parking barriers, speed humps,

     lane separators, safety posts, etc.

  installation of electronic traffic engineering devices (speed metering and limiting

    devices, information systems, LED signs)

  construction and supervision of traffic light intersections, etc.

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Prefer the traffic engineering services of our company! Our modern technologies, experts offering complex solutions and our company's successful, two-decade history are guarantees for everyone for the creation of safe traffic options.

Traffic engineering is one of the most efficient means of improving the safety of transport.


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